Case Study

Case Study - Cathal

Case Study - Cathal

Cathal works part-time in Car Parts and Accessories Shop which New Horizons Partnership assisted him to find.

‘I love my week now. I love my job where I can have the ‘craic’ with the boys and now all the customers know me and say hello when I meet them out somewhere. I am busy every day and that’s the way I want it!’

Cathal came to the New Horizons Partnership in 2006 to start the New Start Programme - a three year pre-employment training programme.  This programme is a HSE-funded initiative (Training and Occupational Support Service) and is person-centred programme promoting independent living and work skills.

Cathal completed a vocational profile which includes his skills and abilities and previous experiences as well as exploring his career aspirations. Following on from this Cathal started a personal development programme which included pre-employment training, independent skills, travel training skills etc.

Cathal also ‘sampled’ a number of work placements through the New Horizons Supported Employment programme including a work experience placement in a Car Parts and Accessories Shop.

Cathal completed his three year training and then moved on to National Learning Network for a period of one year where his skills were further developed.

He returned to New Horizons Partnership to join the REACH programme; which encourages community participation. As part of the programme Cathal also returned to his work experience placement in the Car Parts and Accessories Shop. His work placement employer was very impressed Cathal’s work skills and work confidence that  that he offered him a part – time paid job. 

Cathal now works part-time as well as continuing his training and getting support from New Horizons Partnership.

Quote from Cathal’s mother:

‘If you had told this time ten years ago that Cathal would be enjoying a full and happy life, travelling on his own to training and social events; and working part-time in the local Motor parts store, I really wouldn’t have believed it’.