Case Study

Case Study - Danyl

Case Study - Danyl

Danyl on his work placement with his work colleague

A Dream Career Choice for Danyl

Danyl has been attending The Print Room within the Appleby Trust for two and a half years; including two years as part of the pilot project. Throughout school Danyl felt isolated and left out amongst his peers and found exam time particularly difficult due to the tense environment and added pressure he would place on himself to do well.

Danyl left college aged 16 with no qualifications and a few months later was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. At the age of 17 Danyl was given information about the work placement  programme provided by the Appleby Trust for people with Asperger syndrome and was referred thereafter. The most positive aspect of being part of The Print Room for Danyl has been working in a relaxed environment with staff who are well-resourced to provide the required support and to be amongst other young people who have the same diagnosis. Danyl’s confidence has increased and he has made good friends.

The Print Room has prepared Danyl for work in the community through social skills training and job coaching. The job coach worked closely with Danyl to determine his skills, interests and abilities which led to a work placement within a video production company as a videographer. This was a dream come true for Danyl as photography has been a long time passion and this move towards videography enhanced Danyl’s abilities even further.

On-site job coaching was provided that was client centred and client driven to meet Danyl’s needs, thereby aiding Danyl to become independent in his work and allowed support to be withdrawn. Danyl has said without this given support he would have found it extremely difficult to enter the employment market by himself and gaining a work placement has been an important element towards having a positive future.

Furthermore, Danyl will be developing his skills and abilities even further by enrolling on a wider key skills course provided by ASDAN which will take place within The Print Room.

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