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This IS working in Northern Ireland

This IS working in Northern Ireland

"This IS working in Northern Ireland"
How people with sight loss participate successfully in the world of work

RNIB has launched “This IS working in Northern Ireland” which tells the story of 11 men and women who are blind or partially sighted. They are working in a wide range of jobs, supporting themselves and their families, contributing to their employer’s success and using their energies and talents to further the wealth and wellbeing of our society.

This IS working in Northern Ireland shows how the challenges of sight loss can be overcome in the workplace. It explains how employers can play their part in providing equal opportunities in the job market and describes the resources and support available from RNIB Northern Ireland and elsewhere to employers and to blind and partially sighted job seekers.

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For further information on vocational training and employment opportunities for people who are blind or partically sighted contact RNIB.