Specialist Employment Programmes & Grants

Specialist Employment Programmes & Grants


JobsPlus is a new employer incentive which encourages and rewards employers who offer employment opportunities to people who are long-term unemployed. This incentive replaces the Employer Job (PRSI) Exemption and Revenue Job Assist schemes from 1st July 2013. Regular cash payments will be made to qualifying employers to offset wage costs where they engage jobseekers from the Live Register.

Specialist Employment Programmes & Grants

Supported Employment/EmployAbility Programme 

Supported Employment/EmployAbility Service is an open labour market initiative providing disabled people with supports to help them access the open labour market. It is implemented by sponsor organisations on behalf of the DSP who employ Job Coaches to provide a range of supports tailored to the individual needs of a jobseeker with a disability.  The ultimate outcome is that the employee becomes independent of Job Coach support. 

Supported Employment/EmployAbility Service

Supported Employment is an employment and recruitment service to assist people with a disability to secure and maintain a job in the open labour market.

Supported Employment is delivered by EmployAbility Service which provide a range of supports to employers and people with a disability, through Job Coaches. They provide a range of supports to a job seeker through career advice, employment support, information on employment benefits and entitlement as well as providing advice and support to employers.  

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