Vocational Training Programmes

Vocational Training Programmes

Vocational Education Committee (VEC)/Education and Training Boards

Vocational Education Committee (VEC) provides a broad range of Educational Services including post primary schools and colleges, further and adult education. VECs have been replaced by Education and Training Boards and 16 new Education and Training Board will replace the 33 VECs across Ireland. This reflects a change in legislation to provide for reconfiguration and amalgamation of VECs and the establishment of SOLAS which will incorporate the transfer of training functions of FÁ

Vocational Training Programmes

FÁS has been dissolved (27 October 2013) and Vocational Training Programmes will continue to be delivered by your local Education and Training Board (formerely known as Vocational Education Committees).  They will continue to deliver an extensive range of training programmes to clients entering the labour market for the first time, job changers, persons wishing to up-date or acquire new skills, those changing careers, persons with a disability and early school leavers.  

These include:

Apprenticeships NI

Programme Led Apprenticeships NI

It is acknowledged that the present economic situation has made it increasingly difficult for would-be apprentices to find paid-for employment whilst completing their training. The Programme-Led Apprenticeships (PLA) initiative is an intervention measure during these times.

Training for Success Programme

Training for Success Programme  is designed for young people aged 16 - 18 and provides training to give them the tools and skills they need to get a job. For individuals requiring additional support i.e. people with disabilities, they can join up to their 22nd  birthday and can get up to three years on the programme.

Training for Success Programme provides young people with relevant qualifications as well as the required personal and behaviourial skills to progress into work.

Training for Success is delivered across three components

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